micro movements

5.28 & 9.09 | Poethical Profiling

Participants worked to define and voice their personal expectations of domestic (technology driven) surveillance by engaging these mini-workshops utilizing tools of abolition and contemplative pedagogy. Presented by SloMoCo & MOCO International. Assets: Interactive Text

8.28 | Walking the Drone

Participants experienced how aerial surveillance affected movement, perception, and memory by walking through designated spaces with group leaders. Presented by Akron Soul Train. Assets: Experimental Video & Image Documentation

6.10 – 6.24 | See & Be Seen

Collaborators Marcia Custer, Elaine Hullihen, Emily Liptow, Martinique Mims, and Megan Young explore how individual actions are influenced by, or intended for, mediated public viewing. Assets: Experimental Video & Image Documentation

3.27 | Taking Chase

Following an informal discussion about power and precarity, collaborators Andrea Belser, Latecia Delores Wilson, Laura MacDonald, Brad Speck, and Megan Young developed systems and rules for competitive search parties. Assets: Experimental Video & Image Documentation

3.20 | Scavenger Hunt

Community participants engaged individualized game structures in Cleveland’s Public Square, using drone generated imagery to find hidden objects and crafting new maps for future participants. Assets: Human & Drone Generated Maps

3.13 | Hide and Seek

Following an informal discussion about personal and public boundaries, participants took turns hiding and seeking persons and things. Assets: Community Devised Game Structures